Egg Sandwich

Let’s start with something basic.  An Egg Sandwich.  This one was pretty easy but there are a couple of places where you can go wrong.

First is the timing.  Get the bacon going right away because it takes the longest and you can always turn the heat way down if you get ahead of yourself.  I do it in a pan (spray some PAM on the pan first).  Cook it slowly so you don’t burn it (3 out of 8 on an electric stove top).

Prep for the Egg:  Get the smallest pan you have and coat the bottom with oil.  You’re supposed to use vegetable or canola oil so it can get hot but I’ve had decent luck with just Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO for the Rachael Ray fans).  You can also use melted butter.  Use relatively low heat for this so you don’t over cook the egg and get those rubbery edges.  The key here is to heat the pan with the oil in it first.

A minute or two after you flip the bacon, get to work on the rest.  Push the button on the toaster right before you start to cook the egg.  The egg will only take about three minutes so that will give you time to butter the bottom of the muffin right before taking the egg off.

Fry the Egg:  This is really the most challenging part because it’s easy to overcook the egg or break the yolk while working with it.  The oil will get a little shiny when it gets hot but put your hand over the pan to sense the heat.  When you drop the egg in, the bottom should turn white almost immediately.  About three minutes should do it but take it off when it looks good.  Check out the video below on how to fry an egg where they use the smart technique of spooning some of the hot oil over the yolk to help ensure it cooks fast enough to keep up with the white.

Build your muffin:  Hopefully you had time to get the muffin out of the toaster and buttered before it was time to remove the egg because when the egg is ready it needs to get off the pan.  Use a spatula and gently remove the egg from the pan.  Drop it on the muffin.  Put some salt on top of the egg, sprinkle the cheese directly on the egg so it can start to melt (I’ve used the shredded mexican cheese you can get in a bag at the grocery store and also shredded parmesan which melts faster).  Grab the bacon off the pan and lay it over top.  Serve it up quickly!  Eggs get cold fast.

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